WOPDS Local Order Pickup Features

WooCommerce order pickup and delivery from store plugin, is a top Woocommerce plugin for local order pickup which allows the customers to choose order pick up slots from the store as per their convenience so that it becomes easier for them to save their time and get hassle free pickup from any location in their vicinity.

How to easily organize Woo Local Order Pickup ?

WooCommerce is a free e -commerce plugin. It is designed for all categories of business owners who want to run their businesses online or make an Online presence by using WordPress. WooCommerce provides basic store functionality right out of the box, with a free plugin available from the Plugin store, or right from the WordPress dashboard.

While it has hundreds of available extensions – actually more on that in a bit! – it offers some incredible functions which are straight out of the box.

But there are still some of the features which are not available on the WooCommerce plugin, By using WooCommerce order pickup and delivery from store plugin, Order Pickup  from the store can be done in a more organised and Convenient way.

WOPDS Order Pickup Features

  1. This plugin allows the Admin to define various store locations along with their addresses, days/time of operation, holidays, location on map, minimum and maximum time before which the order can be picked from the store and so on.
  1. Pickup locations can be shown at billing/shipping fields or as the shipping methods. At the time of placing an order , the customer can select pickup locations by two ways; either at the time of selecting billing method or at the time of choosing shipping method. Both the options of setting pickup locations are available for admin which allows the user to choose any one of them as per convenience.
  1.   Admin can also choose for which shipping methods pickup options need to be shown This feature of the plugin allows the admin to choose the particular shipping method for which the option of pickup from the store can be enabled. By using this option, the admin can easily decide for which shipping method the pickup option needs to be shown and enabled..For e.g. You can define pickup options to be available for multiple shipping methods like pickup and free shipping or both. 
  1.   Admin can define pickup slots and make sure only one customer per slot is allotted: This feature allows the admin to assign time slots to every customers who comes up at the store for order pickup and can also be assured that only one customer is allotted per slot which allows the store owner to assist only one customer at a time and by doing this the customer also feels more valued and proper social distancing can also be maintained.
  1.   For each product, admin can define available locations, so if a user selects a product then only available locations are shown instead of showing all locations. Whenever a user selects any product ,only the locations available for pickup of that particular product are displayed in the dropdown and the user gets a chance to easily select any location which is nearest.
  1.   Admin can define cost for each pickup as well as define minimum order amount after that free shipping will be applied. At the time when the order is placed by any customer an option of defining the cost of pickup and shipping is given to the admin. By using this feature the admin can easily define the minimum amount of order placed after which the customer can avail the facility of free pickup of order.
  1.   Each pickup location can be grouped as per locations. The admin can group all the pickup locations and can display them by grouping them on basis of some criteria e.g area wise locations. Suppose there are 3 different pickup locations in any one area so all the three locations can be grouped together in one area making it easier for the user to choose the desired location and the time is also saved.
  1.   Users will be able   to select pickup points i.e. store locations, date and time during checkout. Before placing the order , the user gets an option on selecting the pickup points of the order along with the desired day and time at the time of check out. 
  2.   Users can find location on google map or select location as dropdown. At the time of picking up an order from the store, the user can also find the location on google map and   locate the store  which helps the user to easily find the pickup location. Apart from this the user can also select pickup location using autosuggest dropdown.
  1. Pickup locations can be shown at billing/shipping fields or as the shipping methods both. The option of choosing pickup locations can be displayed on both the fields of Billing and Shipping method which allows the customer to choose order pickup service as per their Convenience.
  1. Each store location will receive email on order placement. Once the order is placed the store owner receives an email which consists of the details of the order placed. The customer also receives an email which contains the details of the order as to what will be the time of pickup, which slot is allotted to that particular order and so on.

Get your WOPDS plugin NOW !!

WooCommerce order pickup and delivery from store plugin is the best Woocommerce order pickup plugin. All the above mentioned features can be easily managed by any person using this Plugin. It is very easy to use and it also enhances  the Pickup experience for both the store owners and the customers. Hence this plugin is highly recommended to all the customers and business owners as it helps in running businesses in a more convenient way.  

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