WOPDS Delivery System Features

Allow your customers to select a day / time slot for their delivery.This plugin allows the Admin to define main delivery store’s day / time of operation, holidays,  minimum and maximum time before which the order can be delivered from the store and so on.

How to improve Woocommerce Delivery Feature ?

WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin. It is designed for all categories of business owners who want to  make an Online presence of their business by using WordPress which helps in delivering the products. But  still it lacks some of the features related to order delivery. 

Everyday the store owners make a lot of deliveries but they always wonder how to improve  delivery experience for their customers. Most of the times customers want their delivery to done on a specific day / time.

By using WooCommerce order pickup and delivery from store plugin, delivery from the store can be done in a more organised and Convenient way. Customer can easily specify their preferred date / time of delivery during checkout.

This plugin also allows the customers to choose desired delivery location and also enables them to do a live tracking of the delivery.

WOPDS Delivery System Features

  1. Admin can define primary delivery location with days/time of operation, min and max time of delivery, price per km etc. This feature of the plugin allows the admin to define one primary delivery  location also known as main delivery location which includes the days and time of operation of the store, minimum and maximum time which would be required to complete delivery , price per km etc. This main delivery location will be used during checkout against the user selected date and time for validating delivery date and time. 
  2. Admin can show/hide delivery date and delivery time from settings page. The admin has got the rights to show/ hide delivery day, time and google map for User location from the settings page.
  3. Admin can restrict one delivery per time slot allocated. The plugin allows the admin to restrict one delivery per time slot allocated which ensures each delivery is done in a stipulated period of time.
  4. Admin can create delivery users with roles as delivery-person. The admin can create delivery users from the users page with a role as delivery person who will be responsible for each delivery allocated to them. The allocation of delivery to delivery persons can be done by two ways: a) Random Allocation  b) Manual Allocation. 
  5. Admin can view ratings of each delivery person. Once the delivery is done by the delivery person, the admin can also access the ratings of the delivery person and can always analyse the performance of the delivery person.
  6. Admin can define cost of delivery as per the distance or fixed price. An option of defining the cost of delivery is also available to the admin in store location section. The cost of delivery can either be defined by the distance as to how much far away delivery is located from the main store location or can be defined at a fixed rate.
  7. Admin can define the max distance till delivery can be done. The maximum distance also termed as the last spot of delivery can also be set by the end of admin which means the maximum distance beyond which the delivery will not be done. 
  8. Admin can define the price for delivery . The admin has the rights to define the price for each delivery. This price can either be defined as the per the distance of the delivery location or can be a fixed amount. 
  9. Users can select specific date and time of delivery during checkout . During Checkout, before proceeding to the payment gateway the users can select a specific date and time of the delivery as per convenience.
  10. Delivery date/time can be shown at billing/shipping fields or as the shipping methods both. At the time of placing an order , the Delivery date and time can be shown in two ways; either at the time of selecting billing method or at the time of choosing shipping method. Both the options of displaying delivery date and time are available for admin which allows the user to choose any one of them as per convenience.
  11. Users can select the delivery location on a map, making it easier for the delivery boy to find the address. The plugin allows the users to select their desired delivery location on the map which also makes it easier for the delivery person to reach the location.  
  12. Delivery person can find the address on the map. The delivery person also gets an option of finding the delivery location and direction on the map which helps them in a fast and hassle free delivery. 
  13. Upon delivery, users will be able to send a feedback/rating option. Once the delivery is done, the user will get an option of sending feedback and ratings to the delivery persons.   

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WooCommerce order pickup and delivery from store plugin is one of the best Woocommerce order delivery plugin. All the above mentioned features can be easily managed by any person using this PluginIt is very easy to use and it also enhances the delivery experience for customers. Hence this plugin is highly recommended to all the customers and business owners as it helps in running businesses in a more convenient way.  

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