Woo Order Pickup Time Slots using WOPDS

WooCommerce order pickup and delivery from store plugin allows the admin to enable a setting where admin can choose whether to allow one customer per slot or not. If selected yes, then it will allow only one customer for that time slot.

Woocommerce One customer per slot

Choose Time Slots for Easy Pickup

During the covid times, the scenario of running a business has completely changed. It has become very important for each and every one of us to practice social distancing as it is the only key which will keep us safe in these difficult times.

Corona Virus has left a great impact on society especially after the lockdown period when the people have started getting businesses again. It is now very essential for all the business owners to practice proper social distancing at their stores so that there is no risk at both the ends, i.e  of the customer and the business owner.

By using WooCommerce order pickup and delivery from store plugin, Delivery and pickup from any store has become more organised and safe. 

It is a plugin where customers can choose pick up slots as per their convenience so that it becomes easier for them to save their time and get hassle free pickup from any location in their vicinity.

The plugin allows the customers to select a time slot for their pickup and also people are able choose a specific day, time and location of the pickup.

If the time slot selected by any user is already full then the user will get a text message from the system asking to select a new time slot for the pickup, the plugin will also suggest the user a time slot which is available for the pickup. 

How Pickup Time Slots Work?

WooCommerce order pickup and delivery from store plugin is very easy to use and can be very beneficial in taking pickup from stores especially in this Covid times when people are hesitating in taking deliveries from unknown delivery persons. 

Below mentioned are the steps by which we can easily use WooCommerce order pickup and delivery from the store plugin for a safe and easy pickup of orders.

  • Admin can define whether to allow pickup time slots or not using the plugin settings page.
  • If enabled, then during the time of checkout when users submit their date / time for pickup, the system checks if the slot is already full or available for pickup.
  • If that pickup time slot selected by the user is already full, then a message is displayed requesting the customer to choose an available time slot.

Benefits to Business Owners

  • More organised way of handling Customers. The store owners can now handle the customers more easily as each customer is allotted a dedicated pickup slot which helps the store owners in avoiding rush from their stores and helps them in creating a safer environment for their customers.
  • Store owners can easily cater to the needs of particular customers and can give their dedicated time to make customers feel more valued.

Benefit to Customers

  • By using a Pick up time slot the customer can now select their preferred time slot for the pickup which also helps them in following proper social distancing norms as the pick slot is only dedicated to that particular customer.
  • No more waiting for Delivery Boys, Customers can now ensure pickup of their goods at their own convenience and also choose any pickup location from the various options available.
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