Local Pickup / Delivery using Woocommerce with the help of Google Maps

Google Maps is a  web mapping service developed by Google. It offers a variety of features which includes direction guiding services, route management services, traffic indication, live tracking, 360 degree street view and many more. This application has become an essential part of our daily lives and helps us in many operations such as navigation , tracking of any delivery , finding any nearby store location etc.

Integration of Google Maps with WooCommerce order pickup and delivery from the store plugin.

WooCommerce order pickup and delivery from the store plugin uses google map for a variety of operations to facilitate easy pickup and delivery by allowing the users to easily search store locations for pickup and also share specific locations for delivery on google map. It also allows the live tracking of delivery

Google Maps for Order Pickup

Local Pickup using Woocommerce
  1. Can Search nearest store location – In this plugin, Google Maps allows the user to search for a nearest store location which makes it easier for the customer for order pickup.
  2. Can locate store – The user can easily locate a store in vicinity by looking on the map. This feature also allows the user to look for various stores available and identify them on Google maps.
  3. Can check exact address on map – This feature also allows the user to check the exact address on the map itself. Whenever any customer selects a store for order pickup the complete address of the store is also displayed on the google maps which makes it more easy for the user to locate the store. 
  4. Directly select the store from Maps – This feature of the plugin allows the user to directly select a pickup store from the map.
  5. Nearest Store Autoselect – Google maps also asks for the permission of detecting location of the user, if allowed the nearest location of the store from the user’s address can be automatically selected by the plugin. 
  6. Navigation Help – By using this feature in the plugin, the user can get help in navigating to the nearest store location. 

Google Maps for Order Delivery

Delivery using Woocommerce
  1. Allows Users to select delivery address – By using Google maps in this plugin for delivery, the user can select his own address making it convenient for the delivery person to track the exact location of the user.
  2. Can locate store and Customer Location –  The delivery persons upon receiving orders can locate the address of the store for which the customer placed an order and also locate the location of the customer for delivery.
  3. Navigation – The Google Map feature in this plugin allows the delivery person to navigate easily towards the location of the customer. 
  4. Can calculate Delivery charges through maps – There is an option of calculating delivery charges on the basis of per Kilometre, Google maps helps the store owner to calculate the charges easily by giving out the exact kilometres of the distance to be traveled.
  5. Can help in finding Best route – Google maps helps the delivery persons in finding the best route for reaching at the desired destination. 
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