Woocommerce Order Pickup

Allow your customers to select a time slot for their pickup enabling them to choose a specific day, time and location of the pickup.This plugin allows the Admin to define various store locations along with their addresses, days/time of operation, holidays, location on map, minimum and maximum time before which the order can be picked from the store and so on. Also before placing the order , the user gets an option of selecting the pickup points of the order along with the desired day and time during check out. 

Pickup Locations

Admin can define various shop locations along with other details like opening and closing hours,address on google map etc. Allows the user to choose their nearest location.

Pickup Date & Time

By using a Pick up time slot, the customer can now select their preferred date / time slot for the pickup enabling them to collect orders as per their convenience.

Time Slots

Admin can define pickup slots & ensuring one customer per slot is allotted helping store owner in handling customers in an organised way with proper social distancing.

Google Maps

Allows the user to explore available pickup locations easily by displaying it on Google Map if allowed the nearest location from the user’s address can be automatically selected

Shipping Method

Admin can choose for which shipping methods pickup options need to be shown.For e.g. You can define pickup options to be available for pickup and free shipping both.

Group Store Location

Each pickup location can be grouped as per location.Suppose there are 5 pickup locations in an area so all the 5 locations can be grouped in one area making it easier to choose.

Pickup orders with ease

For Instance, you are a gift shop owner or any restaurant owner and you wish that the customer should pick up orders directly from the store at a specified date / time. Our plugin makes it easier for you.

  • Pickup locations, Date & time
  • Google Maps 
  • Pickup Slots
  • Business Hours
  • Pickup Fees

Pickup Locations, Date & Time

Display pickup locations, date & time during the checkout process. User can select pickup locations using dropdown and can enter date and time using date & time picker.
  • Display store pickup locations, date & time field
  • Show / hide these fields from admin settings
  • Make this field required / optional
  • Disable weekdays, holidays or any non operational days
  • Auto suggest feature for pickup location

Search Store Location on Google Maps

Allow the users to easily search store locations for pickup by directly searching / selecting location on Google Map.This feature also allows the user to look for various stores available and identify them on Google maps.

  • Search nearest store location
  • Find exact address on map
  • Directly select the store from Maps
  • Auto select Nearest Store 
  • Admin can define different marker image for each location
Delivery using Woocommerce
Woocommerce order pickup slots

Pickup Slots

This plugin allows the admin to enable a setting where admin can choose whether to allow one customer per slot or not. If selected yes, then it will allow only one customer for that time slot. By using this plugin you can manage pickup in a more organised and safe manner especially during Covid times.  

  • Admin can enable / disable feature of pickup slots
  • Users will receive a message if the slot selected for their pickup is already booked
  • Helps them in following proper social distancing norms
  • Store owners can easily cater to the need of particular customers by giving dedicated  time making customers feel more valued.

Business Hours & Min. / Max. pickup time

Admin can define store opening and closing hours and also define break opening and break closing time. Suppose you’re a pizza store owner and it takes approx an hour to prepare the order, you get an option of defining minimum time after which the order can be picked and also the maximum time for pickup.

  • Define store operational hours 
  • Configure store working days 
  • Define minimum and maximum time for order pickup 
woocommerce-business-hours of delivery location