Woocommerce Order Delivery

Let your customers select a time slot for their delivery enabling them to choose a specific day and time .This plugin allows the Admin to define main delivery store’s day / time of operation, holidays,  minimum and maximum time before which the order can be delivered from the store and so on. Also before placing the order , the user gets an option of selecting the address of delivery making it easier for delivery person to locate the address using Google Map.

Delivery Date & Time

By using a Delivery date & time slot, the customer can now select their preferred date / time slot for the delivery enabling them to receive order delivery as per convenience.

Delivery Location

This option of plugin allows the user to select their own delivery location directly on google map helping the delivery person to easily locate delivery address.

Delivery Fees

The admin has the rights to define the price for each delivery. This price can either be defined as the per the distance of the delivery location or can be a fixed amount.

Delivery Radius

The plugin also has the feature of Radius Shipping which uses Google Distance Matrix API to compute the distance between delivery address and the store location to allow delivery within a defined radius.

Business Hours

Admin can define store opening and closing hours and also define break opening and break closing time. Admin can also define holidays and non operational days of the store location

Delivery Person

The delivery person also gets an option of finding the delivery location and direction on the map which helps them in a fast and hassle free delivery.The user also gets an option of live tracking of their delivery

Delivery Made Easy with WOPDS

Suppose you’re a Pizza delivery restaurant owner and have the option of delivering online. A customer buys a large size cheese burst pizza by selecting the delivery location on google map with delivery date & time.

  • Delivery date, time & location on Google Map
  • Operating Hours 
  • Radius Shipping & Delivery Fees 
  • Delivery Person and Live tracking 
Woocommerce delivery location on map

Delivery Date,Time & Location

Choose  delivery date & time during the checkout process. User can select delivery locations on Google Maps allowing the delivery person to easily locate the address.

  • Display delivery date & time field
  • Show / hide these fields from admin settings
  • Make this field required / optional
  • Disable weekdays, holidays or any non operational days
  • User can select delivery location on Google Map ( Optional )

Operating Hours & Minimum Time

Admin can define delivery opening and closing hours and also define break opening and break closing time. Suppose you’re a pizza store owner and it takes approx. an hour to prepare / deliver the order, you get an option of defining minimum time after which the order can be delivered. 

  • Define store delivery operational hours 
  • Configure store working days 
  • Define minimum time for order delivery
  • Notification of Delivery slots available
wocommerce store business hours

Radius Shipping & Delivery Fees

Suppose the admin wants to restrict their delivery distance i.e the maximum distance beyond which the delivery will not be done, this can be easily manged by our plugin using the feature of Radius Shipping.Admin can also define delivery fees.The price can either be defined as the per the distance of the delivery location or a fixed amount

  • Restrict Delivery based on Store & Customer Address distance calculation
  • Set maximum distance / radius in km
  • Delivery fees can be computed as a fixed price or as per distance


Delivery Person & Live Tracking of Delivery

The admin can create users with a role as delivery person. Delivery person receives an email notification of the order placed and the delivery person login in the system and can track the location of delivery. Customer can also view the live location of delivery person, if enabled.

  • Live tracking of delivery
  • Email Notification to Delivery Person
  • Delivery person can locate customer’s and store address on Google Map